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05 January 2012

Plans for 2012

As with the recording of the album, we're being unapologetically ambitious with our plans for this year. There is a lot of hard work to be done to make 2012 our year. And we're not work shy.

The first thing we intend to do, is to raise the profile of the band, it's been a while since we were splashed over the tabloids entertainment pages almost every week and there's no point releasing an album unless the whole world knows about it.

When a big X Factor artist releases an album, they can throw millions of pounds at huge billboards up and down the country, expensive television adverts and rely on the huge audiences the show attracts to guarantee everybody knows about them. If we are to compete in a chart, dominated by TV created big budget pop, we're going to have to work VERY hard.

We intend to kick off 2012 by traveling up and down the country making time to speak to every magazine, newspaper, journalist and radio station that wants to talk to us. From the smallest free mags, to student radio, to the national publications, literally anyone who wants to know. What we lack in budget we can make up for in effort, and dedication. I honestly believe that capturing the attention and imagination of fans of real music throughout the country, that we can take the fight to X Factor and the rest of the soulless manufactured pop that monopolises the British charts.

What will make all the difference, is whether the UK gets behind us. Ultimately, we can make a great record, but it is you, the music fan, the public, who have the power to stick it to Simon Cowell's karaoke collective. What I'm saying is, we need you.

We can bring the music, and a bucket load of passion and dedication, but if we're going to take it to them, we need everyone of you, fighting with us to make music great again, telling people about the record, spreading the word, creating a movement from the working men's clubs, university bars and small venues up. Every band that breaks through the monopoly of the charts will pave the way for more, it's a time for bands to stick together, for music fans to unite, and to count every small victory against the rich TV pop kingmakers.

We can do it, but we can't do it without you.

Tom Clarke