Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting TheEnemy / Blog. I'll try to keep you updated and informed with all the latest. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you all for your passionate support, you're the best fans a band could ever wish for and we have untold amounts of love and respect for each and every one of you! Take it easy! - Tom.

20 February 2012

Gimme The Sign. Radio 1 & Tickets.

There's been a lot of words spoken in the last few months. Lot's of questions about the new album, when can you hear it, and when you can see it live. The response and excitement from everybody has been humungous. Now is a time for less words, more noise. The long awaited third record from The Enemy is here. It is called Streets In The Sky, named after a documentary made in Sheffield. The first chance for you to hear it, is now.

Zane Lowe has the first play of Gimme The Sign, a face tearing guitar heavy sing along comeback single that sets out our stall. It's the first track of the album that we recorded with Joby J Ford from The Bronx, punks finest and most exciting. How do you get it? Well, get yourself on www.theenemy.com or like www.facebook.com/theenemy and you can get your copy for free. Why are we giving it away? Because we have the most dedicated loyal fans in the world, you've stuck with us through thick and thin, through the highs of Wembley and through complete radio silence. Our way of showing you that we appreciate the support, and that we love you guys is to give you this one, and wet your appetites for the album.

More than ever, in this pop dominated world, we need your support, we need you to listen to Zane's show, which you should anyway since it's a champion of great guitar music and always has been, and we need you to text in, 81199, and when you've heard the track in full, let radio know what you think. The only way we'll get guitar music back in the charts is if the public mobilise and make it happen. We can make great albums, but only the public can make great bands.

So, album complete, single downloadable, you're getting excited and asking when can you see us live!? We can answer that one too. We're kicking off the live calendar with a series of specially selected shows starting with.

5th May - Live@Leeds Festival

23rd May - Manchester Academy

24th May - Shepherds Bush Enpire

25th May - Glasgow Barrowlands

Tickets available @ www.theenemy.com/store

These are essentially a little appetiser to the years full explosive live calendar!

We're making a proper effort to bring you the shows you want to see, not to just start the bus and jump on the standard gig circuit. Don't panic, there will be more live dates announced soon and a full tour. After these select shows we'll be making some festival appearances, because of the nature of festivals we can't announce which ones yet, but let me tell you, I know which ones we're playing, and who with, and it's going to be the best festival season we've ever done! After festivals there will be a full on Enemy headline tour. We intend to play the longest set we've ever played. Pretty much the whole of the first album, the special moments off the second that everybody loved, and an absolute barrage of new exciting big songs from Streets In The Sky. The hard part with this album, is deciding which ones we have to leave out, because they're all bangers. Everybody has a different favourite, and every song is a gem! We are all properly excited, we can't wait to hear what you think of Gimme The Sign, and to hear guitar shaped sound waves coming through the radio once again. Stay tuned to the blog and keep up the massive support on twitter and we reckon together this year we can all properly have it.

Tom Clarke