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22 February 2012

Guestlist to every gig for fan Charlie!

Sat listening to Fearne Cotton on Radio One earlier, half in disbelief that Gimme The Sign was about to be played on a mainstream daytime show when it's a free give away single, eagerly anticipating hearing those first two notes on guitar, wishing it would come on sooner rather than later as we were already late for the session with Joby J Ford, and then something amazing happened.

Fearne cuts to the phone lines and a up piped Charlie, asking what we all wanted to know! When are you playing TheEnemy!?

There's texting in, and then there's being so excited you have to ring the live show and find out! For his enthusiasm and tenacity Charlie (@CFC_Jonesy) will be on every guestlist, for every show TheEnemy plays in 2012, to show him and all of you that we really do appreciate the amazing support!

Judged on the last two days, the way the twitter has erupted, and the way you've bombarded Radio One to the extent that they've had to take time in two shows to appease excited impatient Enemy fans, you're going to make a huge difference.

If the last few days is anything to go by, you're going to tell the music industry exactly what you're missing, and they're going to have to listen.

Power to the fans!

Tom Clarke