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24 February 2012

Streets In The Sky, Home Straight!

The question you're all asking is when.

Well, May, is about as specific as we can be for the time being. We broke the back of the work in LA, and now we're back in London putting the finishing touches to an album we are massively proud of.

In LA we got a huge amount done and got some rip roaring guitars recorded using Joby J Ford's secret weapons of musical destruction. Now we're recording the more sentimental moments on the album. There's an acoustic sing along similar to WLADITT, and a This Song sized stomper!

Joby's place in LA is a dirty rock and roll place perfect for the six string assault we wanted to record. Kore Studios in London, where we recorded Gimme The Sign, is a tad more refined, but equally as passionate a place. Of all the studio's we've used over the years we've had a huge result finding two great ones and Kore in particular is the best we've found in the UK.

We're on the home straight now anyway. This morning I heard the mix for the next single and it's HUGE!

Tom Clarke