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29 May 2012

Top ten

So, we didn't manage to get the top spot, was incredibly close at the end! Have to say though, when we set out making this album we'd all of been made up with top ten, and we really are!

The best bit about this one, is that is wasn't done with mass marketing and huge major label budgets, it wasn't done by being played on radio one every minute, it was done the old fashioned way, pure fan power.

You guys just had a top ten album, not us. I hope you're all very proud.

Have to admit, when we were only 3000 copies off number one, it was pretty exciting! I'd of bought every copy in hmv to stick one to the charts!

I really care about the state of British music, it is in a dire place, but whatever, now is the time to celebrate, and what better way than a string of shows, Whithaven, V fest, T in the park, Somerset house, Belsonic with Noel, and then an almighty tour in the autumn!

We'll be starting work on number four soon, we're not going to keep you waiting around for Enemy albums again. Seriously, thank you all so much, hope you're proud of yourselves. Top ten is awesome.

Go and enjoy the sun! And enjoy Streets In The Sky! We'll see you at the gigs!!