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14 October 2012

Dundee Show Rescheduled

Hi everyone.

The gigs so far have been nothing short of spectacular, Glasgow in particular. We want to thank you all hugely for making them so special.

We've been playing the longest sets we've ever done to try to give everyone the show they've always wanted, but I'm gutted to tell you that the strain has taken its toll on my voice, and I've got to rest it for a couple of days for it to come back. As a result, the show tonight in Dundee is having to be rescheduled. It's especially gutting for us because coming up to Scotland to play to what we consider the best crowds in the world, is always what we look forward to most on a tour.

I know that you were all looking forward to it too, we're so frustrated but there's no quick fix for a broken voice. That said, there's no way we're not playing Dundee on this tour so we WIlL be back, and we WILL smash it when my throat's all better, maybe throw in some extra songs to make up for the hassle.

I follow loads of you on twitter and I know some of you have traveled to Dundee especially tonight. All I can say is I'm really sorry and if I could fix my throat and sing I would. We are all loving this tour and to have to reschedule is pretty upsetting, but a I say, we WILL be back.

Also want to thank the crew and all of the local guys who've worked their arses off this morning to get set up for the show, as well as the support bands and anybody who this has inconvenienced.

I HATE rescheduling a show. I really hate it, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

The show has been rescheduled to the 28th this month (a week Sunday). We're online to answer any of your questions all afternoon. Once again, on a personal level, I'm really sorry people. Wish I could sing. :(

Tom. X