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02 July 2012

Orphan Boy 1st on in Manchester!

Hello Manchester!

As you know we're returning to the Apollo on Oct17th! It's collectively one of our favourite venues in the world and brings back lots of memories of amazing gigs and not to mention being the room we gave away our Q award to a fan who was singing his heart out in the front row!

If you've been paying attention you'll also know that we've got The Antics in tow. (They played a cracking set at Manc Academy last month.) Find them on twitter @anticsintheuk.

Now!...We're pleased to announce another GREAT band to the show! That band is Grimsby's own Orphan Boy!

I was put onto listening to Orphan Boy literally a few days ago on twitter, after giving them a listen I tweeted that they were class and after a few emails back and forward between myself and drummer Chris, we're pleased to say that they'll be playing the Apollo with us on the 17th!

The whole show is shaping up to be a quality night now! If you want to check them out, Orphan Boy are on iTunes and also twitter (@orphanboyuk) Give them a follow and say hello from me! Give their album Passion Pain and Loyalty a listen while you're at it!

www.orphan-boy.com For more info!

See you all at the Apollo!